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warm toilet seat

Heated Toilet Seats Provide Warm Toilet Seat Comfort Year Round

Everyone hates to sit on a cold toilet seat when they first walk into a bathroom, and there is a certain warm toilet seat that is available. Never again will you have to sit on a hard cold tile toilet seat, even the padded toilet seats are cold when you first sit on them. Now there are thermal seats on Amazon that instantly heat the second you sit down.

Thermal seats come in virtually any color and keep the ring of the seat about twenty-five degrees hotter than room temperature. Many people were skeptical about how much power it takes to heat the toilet seat, but studies show that it only takes one-fifth the energy it takes to power a sixty-watt light bulb!

These toilet seats are much more durable and are meant to last a lot longer than any other ordinary toilet seat with cheap hinges. Installing heated toilet seats don’t only last long, but they’re super easy to install so surprise your husband and family with easy to follow instruction and a simple build without confusing, small parts.

If you’re not even looking for a whole new toilet seat, you can still get a thermal cover which still has close to the same effect with a cheaper cost. Installation is easy and the covers come in practically any color for a bargain.

Most warm toilet seat rings come with a sweet scent device, which sprays at a timed rate so that no matter what, your bathroom will smell the same as before you sat down when you leave the room. Just to make sure that the toilet seat lives up to its word, you can check out the consumer reviews towards the bottom of the page where previous buyers of the seat left comments about what they think of it.

See the full list of warm toilet seats available here!

Warm Toilet Seats

Electric and Fabric Toilet Seat Warmers

warm toilet seat  warm toilet seat  warm toilet seat 

warm toilet seat  warm toilet seat  warm toilet seat 

warm toilet seat 

October 19, 2012
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