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round toilet seats

Round Unique Toilet Seats

Mayfair 46ECDG Premium Round Molded Wood Toilet Seat with Easy Clean Hinges and DuraGuard Antimicrobial

Fans of round toilet seats will rejoice if they’ve ever been plagued with a toilet seat that gets moldy in humid climates and is hard to keep clean. The Mayfair 46ecdg model is one toilet seat that does the heavy duty cleaning for you. It prevents stain and odor causing bacteria from taking root on your potty using a special DuraGuard Antimicrobial system.

This easy clean feature means this bathroom seat stays cleaner than other round potty seats and that means a healthier bathroom for your family. This model comes in color fast vinyl options in white, beige and seafoam. It’s very budget friendly, too – especially for a round toilet seat that’s constructed with a durable molded wood core.

When it comes time to clean the seat, simply lift it off the toilet bowl with one simple twist of the hinges, clean it and reinstall it. Consumers weren’t just pleased with the health aspect of these types of unique toilet seats – they were also pleased that they're not cold on their bottoms like a traditional plastic toilet seat is. And reviewers raved that it’s also quiet when accidentally dropped, so you don’t get startled by a jarring noise.

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Get the Best Prices on the 6 Top Selling Round Toilet Seats

round toilet seats  round toilet seats  round toilet seats 

round toilet seats  round toilet seats  round toilet seats 

round toilet seats

Unique Toilet Seats That Are Padded

Soft Round Toilet Seats

A soft round toilet seat is very comforting to many people. These types of potty seats are also known as padded toilet seats, and they’re billowy and cushioned well for those times when you spend more time on the toilet than you might like.

Comfort Seats is the brand most associated with both round and elongated soft toilet seats. They have a wide variety of round seat toilet options to choose from – but perhaps the most popular model is the Comfort Seats c1b5r2-00ch, which has high density foam padding and a durable wood core. It’s also resistant to corrosion and is easy to install.

The round toilet seats also come with added features in many instances – including soft close mechanisms so that you don’t hear the slamming of a toilet seat lid anymore, and small children won’t run the risk of having their fingers smashed.

round toilet seats

Unique Toilet Seats With Added Amenities

Heated Toilet Seat - Round Models That Top Wish List for Unique Toilet Seats

I had to laugh when I went searching for a heated toilet seat review. One woman loved it because she always "has a cold butt." She said she didn't tell her husband and he was so happily surprised, he looks forward to a long visit on the commode these days. LOL! My dad had bought one of these awhile back, so I had the pleasure of using one but wanted to see what other consumers had to say about this type of special feature customized for a round front toilet seat.

The UltraTouch heated toilet seat is rated very high among online consumers. One buyer said it has easy “girl installation,” meaning it’s something you won’t need to put on your Honey Do list because you can install this type of toilet seat yourself.

They’re soft to the touch, but not foam padded – they describe it as the handle on today’s toothbrushes. It only takes a meager 12 watts of electricity to run this heated toilet seat cover and seat (a fraction of what it costs to operate a 60 watt lightbulb). And it’s very safe because it’s sealed with a 12-volt design. Another perk? The model in the picture comes with a built in Antimicrobial agent, keeping your bathroom cleaner than ever.

UltraTouch isn’t the only option – although they are the most affordable. The Brondell br60-rw Breeza Warm Deodorizing Heated Toilet Seat is the second bestseller sold online, and it’s no wonder. This heated, unique toilet seat has a body activated, 4-stage deodorizing element built into it using 100% natural aromatherapy in three scents. To date, 100% of consumers buying this model gave it a full 5 stars!

Not to be outdone, there’s a toto heated toilet seat that has even more features – a built in bidet! The Toto Round Heated Bidet Seat sw523#11 is a heated toilet seat with bidet attachment for front and rear warm water washing. The bidet attachments have pressure controls for personal preferences, and the heated toilet seat itself can be set to between 79 and 97 degrees F. With the calming soft close element, you won’t have to worry about anyone slamming the lid on this, either.

round toilet seats

Unique Toilet Seats in Colorful Designs

Black Round Toilet Seats Are Popular, But Are They Elegant or Boring?

When it comes to buying a black round toilet seat, you should ask yourself if it’s because you want a sleek, refined décor for your bathroom, or because you’re too set in your ways to upgrade to some of the more unique toilet seats.

You can buy a wood round toilet seat in a black color with a lustrous shine to it. The Comfort Seats C1B4R2-90CH Deluxe Molded Wood Toilet Seat with Chrome Hinges to the right, for example, has a finish that matches the bumpers and it’s multi coated for durability and corrosion prevention.

Try to find a round black toilet seat locally, and you may not have any luck at all. Many consumers go online, frustrated after driving around town only to find simple colors like white, seafoam or beige.

Consumers who bought the round black toilet seats online have this to say in reviews about why they choose this color:

  • “It looks really vintage and New York.”

  • “We were so pleased to find this toilet seat for our vintage bathroom. We looked for one at all the local hardware stores and could not find one. It is exactly what we wanted, black with chrome hinges.”

  • “My pink walls and checkered floor are all the more dramatic with this!”

round toilet seats

Unique Toilet Seats of a Wooden Variety

Wood Round Toilet Seats Offer Durability and Flair

There are three types of wood round toilet seats – those that are constructed with fine craftsmanship out of one flawless piece of wood, those that are pieced together out of various wood particles, and those that are made with wooden cores but not 100% wooden in the materials used to make it.

Not many consumers invest in a Kohler round toilet seat made of wood. Instead, they opt for a bemis round toilet seat under the name Mayfair – because those are the top sellers in high demand. The quiet close technology helps with what was once a drawback for wooden toilet seat owners – the loud slamming sound made if the lid accidentally (or on purpose) fell into a closing position.

And while both a wooden american standard round toilet seat and a toto round toilet seat would be great choices for any home, I highly recommend that you consider looking at one of the best ones I’ve seen online – the round, dark brown Comfort Seats c1b1r-18ch designer toilet seat with PVD chrome hinges, shown on the right – given a perfect 5 star review by 100% of the buyers.

This solid wood toilet seat is beautifully constructed and ships to your house free. The corrosion-proof closed front wood toilet seat is hand selected for its beauty, not just its durability. The slow close lid prevents injuries to children’s fingers, and eliminates middle of the night wake up calls when a lid comes slamming down.

Ever Wonder Why Public Toilet Seats Are Always Round Open Front Toilet Seats?

According to the Online Toilet Museum, there's a reason public restrooms always have that open slot in the front, instead of being a complete round circle.

These are known as open front toilet seats and it's for two reasons - sanitation guidelines and sheer comfort (although I find them uncomfortable myself, but that could be a disgust with public toilet seats in general).

In fact, there are plumbers guidelines they have to stick to in regards to open front toilet seats - the Uniform Plumbing Code Section 409.2.2 says that public toilet seats must be of the open front variety.

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October 19, 2012
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