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novelty toilet seats

Novelty Toilet Seats Make Going Potty Fun!

Everyone loves a good laugh, so where’s the best place to have it? The bathroom, of course! Everyone loves to giggle at novelty toilet seats in your bathroom, and it’s a great way to entertain friends and family. Kids will come running to the toilet with joy to see their favorite characters and have the time of their lives sitting on them.

Novelty toilet seats can have any of your favorite themes and are found easily online where products are cheaper than shelf price, and free shipping is offered on some products. If you’re looking for a novelty seat to send as a gift, you can even get it gift wrapped for you and have it mailed straight to your friend or family’s address.

These toilet seats are great for young children, or can be purchased for adult humor to impress your friends. Novelty toilet seats come in not only the tile material like most seats, but also in padded toilet seat designs to ensure that you get the comfy sit every time. What makes a novelty toilet seat so original is its design though, and that’s the main aspect that people look for.

Novelty toilet seats are not only for houseguest and children, it also makes hilarious jokes for college kids moving into their new apartment or dorm. Surprise guest and roommates with a hilarious toilet seat of a true jokester. Toilet seats can even share memories from past visited destinations so that every time you go to the bathroom, you take a trip to the past – like a beach house.

Here are some cute and hilarious novelty toilet seats for you to consider below and I’ve even included some great toilet seat gag gifts that can transform your existing toilet seat:

Novelty Toilet Seats

novelty toilet seats  Novelty Toilet Seats  Novelty Toilet Seats 

Novelty Toilet Seats  Novelty Toilet Seats  Novelty Toilet Seats 

Novelty Toilet Seats  novelty toilet seats  novelty toilet seats 

novelty toilet seats  novelty toilet seats  novelty toilet seats 

October 19, 2012
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