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Green Toilet Seats

Green toilet seats are about more than just color. Even from ancient times, the colors we choose to surround ourselves with have a deeper meaning. You might choose a color subconsciously without knowing exactly why you’ve chosen that color. Some ancient cultures believe the choices you make in color can bring you certain desirable qualities such as courage or strength while other cultures believe color can bring wealth or luck. The color green signifies life and health.

You can find this color in both round and elongated seats and in shades ranging from a mint green all the way to a deep forest green. You can also get the seat in jade green, which means harmony.

To find the exact shade of green you want, you can try home improvement stores, but you’ll find that the selection is limited-usually to one of two choices of green. Your odds of finding the precise color will be better if you order from an online store.

Green toilet seats also make a bathroom look lush, as if you’ve invited the outside inside. You can add a few silk or real plants and really make the bathroom one of the most inviting rooms in the home.

Top Green Toilet Seats

Comfort Seats C1B5R2-60 Deluxe Soft Toilet Seat with Wood Cores, Round, Forest Green  Comfort Seats C1B3R4S-58 EZ Close Deluxe Plastic Toilet Seat, Round, Avocado  Ginsey Solid Hunter Green Padded Toilet Seat 

October 19, 2012
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