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Bemis Toilet Seat

Replacing Your Bemis Toilet Seat With a New One

You already know that the Bemis toilet seat is the premier toilet seat. If you have one already, you're familiar with the Bemis name and Bemis quality.

But after years of use, even a Bemis seat might need to be replaced. The great news is that when you replace it with another high-quality toilet seat made by Bemis, you have lot of options. Plus, you'll enjoy some great Bemis benefits.

Seats with the Bemis name come in a few different shapes. There are round seats, which work well on round toilet bowl and elongated seats which are made to work with elongated bowls. There's even the Church American Standard seat by Bemis, which fits on the old style, but very sleek looking Church Roma, Luxor, and Carlyle toilets.

And when it comes to styling and color, you get a full range of choices with Bemis. Colors range from bone and white to pink to gold, and lots of colors in between. You can choose wood seats that are coated in high gloss color, or that are simply the sealed wood. Sturdy molded plastic is also a choice that you have. Styles can be sleek, with clean lines, or sculpted with interesting patterns on the lid.

And there's more! Bemis offers seats that have easy-clean features, anti-microbial coating, quiet-close lids, and metal hinges. And regardless of all of these choices, you will know that because you're replacing your old Bemis toilet seat with a new Bemis seat, you're getting the very best for your bathroom and your behind.

Bemis Toilet Seat Hinges Are Easy to Clean

Cleaning your Bemis toilet seat is a breeze with Easy Clean hinges. One of the best features offered by the Bemis brand of toilet seat are patented hinges that easily lift off for thorough cleaning.

If you're interested in making sure that your bathroom is the cleanest and freshest it can be, you'll want a Bemis seat with easy clean hinges. It's not pleasant to talk about or imagine, but let's face it--”stuff” collects around the hinges of your toilet seat—germy, dirty, yucky stuff. And it can really be a pain to clean off.

Bemis has solved that problem because when it's time to clean, you simply lift the hinge, and use your choice of cleaner to remove any built up grime. If you do this every time you clean your toilet, you'll never have to worry about that nasty build up becoming a smelly, unsightly problem! It's great!

Here is a sample cleaning plan to help keep your toilet sparkling clean and fresh: Use your favorite bowl cleaner on the inside of the bowl. Squirt, sprinkle or spray it on and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then swish out your toilet bowl with a brush and flush. Next, clean the rim, underside of the seat, top of seat and lid with a damp cloth moistened with a bit of cleanser. Rinse. Finally, lift the easy clean hinges on your Bemis toilet seat, and use the same moistened cloth to remove any debris. Rinse if necessary and close the hinges. You're done!

A Bemis Toilet Seat Hinge Is Whisper Quiet When Closing

If you like a toilet seat the closes quietly, you'll love the Bemis toilet seat with the Whisper Close feature. Anyone who has ever been jarred out of their seat or a sound sleep by the sound of a toilet seat and lid slamming closed will appreciate this seat! And anyone who knows of a child who has gotten his or her fingers pinched when the seat slammed down will understand why the Whisper Close feature makes sense.

Toilet seats and lids are heavy—even the molded plastic ones. If someone's fingers slip when lowering the seat or closing the toilet, the noise is pretty loud and unpleasant.

When you install a Bemis seat with the Whisper Close option, you'll be eliminating that problem. These seats have hinges that close the seat and lid slowly and quietly. All you have to do is gently start the process with a touch of your finger and the hinges lower each piece so that you hear nothing. No noises, no pinched fingers, no problems.

You can find a toilet seat by Bemis with the Whisper Close option online. There is a range of selections that will make it easy to find the perfect one for your bathroom. Regardless of whether your toilet requires a rounded or elongated seat, or whether you're looking for a custom color or a fancy sculpted wood cover, you can get the seat you want with hinges that quietly and slowly close your toilet.

Don't settle for an old style noisy seat that could wake the dead. Go with a new Bemis toilet seat that features Whisper Close. You'll have a seat that makes your bathroom and your entire house that much more peaceful and pleasant!

October 19, 2012
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