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unique toilet seats

Top Seller for Unique Toilet Seats:

KOHLER K-4732-0 Transitions Quiet-Close Toilet Seat

The most popular of the unique toilet seats being sold on the market doesn't have any fancy coloring or neat design. Instead, it's the action and safety feature that makes it one of the top selling unique toilet seats on the market. It's called the KOHLER K-4732-0 Transition Quiet-Close Toilet Seat.

Toilet seat lids and the seats (for males) that raise up often come slamming down hard. Not only have small boys had their privates injured because of this, but even little girls' fingers have been slammed in the toilet seat lids. Aside from injury, it's often jarring to just hear the toilet seat or lid come slamming down hard.

The KOHLER K-4732-0 Transition Quiet-Close Toilet Seat is crafted out of pure polypropylene, which helps it avoid getting stained, fading in color, or cracking, peeling and chipping away.

Many consumers have said that one big reason these types of unique toilet seats are their favorite is because they're so easy to clean. You know those hard to reach areas on some toilet seats? With this particular type, that messy cleaning regimen is avoided completely.

This unique elongated toilet seat comes with a built in potty training seat, but you can remove that if you don't have any children of potty training age in your household.

Unique Toilet Seats: Round Versus Elongated

Some People Prefer Elongated Toilet Seats

Whether you prefer round or elongated toilet seats may matter with how you were raised. Or it could be depending on your own size. Smaller children have an easier time with round toilet seats, while adults like the roominess of an elongated toilet seat.

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You don't necessarily need to make sure that if you buy an elongated toilet seat, that your actual toilet is suited for that. Many toilet seats fit all kinds of toilet bowls. Just check the description online before you buy.

On Amazon, it's funny reading the reviews of the bestselling toilet seats because people are very persnickety about whether their bottom lands on a round or elongated (otherwise known as oblong) toilet seat.

What's your personal preference?

You can find elongated toilet seats that are white, blue, black, oak, plastic, padded, heated, safe for toddlers, and sold according to brand names like Kohler, American Standard and Toto!

All you have to do it search for those unique toilet seats that have all of the features you want in a chair for your toilet.

Unique Toilet Seats

The Big Four - Kohler, Mayfair, Comfort Seats and Toilet Tattoos

unique toilet seats  unique toilet seats 
unique toilet seats  unique toilet seats 

Unique Toilet Seats Battle Continues:

Round Toilet Seats Are the Only Normal Seats for Many

Don't assume that elongated seats are the most popular. Round toilet seats have just as many fans as the oblong variety. And they're defiant about their quest to find unique toilet seats that are circular for their bowl.

Generally, taller people like the roominess of an elongated seat. Others feel that if it's not a round toilet seat, it's just not normal.

I noticed in our household, we have a mix. Some of the rooms have elongated, and some have round. I never even looked at the specifics when buying them - I simply bought them because of the color and the materials it was made out of!

Some of the more popular versions of round toilet seats are:

  • Bemis

  • American Standard

  • Kohler

  • Toto

But for the most part, people look for something more in their round toilet seat than just a brand name. They're looking for a soft, round (and sometimes heated toilet seat).

unique toilet seats

Unique Toilet Seats Versus Top Toilet Seats

The Bestselling Toilet Seats Aren't Always Unique At All

You're searching for the top toilet seats sold online (or off for that matter). But what criteria are you basing your decision on? Consumers all have different "must-have" features for buying a toilet seat - elongated or round.

They may be shopping for the top toilet seat based on cushion comfort for their rump. Or maybe they're going to give the blue ribbon to the toilet seat that has built in safety features for their potty training child.

Could color play an important role in determining the top toilet seat?

Sure can!

People search based on basic colors - black, white, etc., but they also shop for certain finishes, such as wooden toilet seats, or resin, plain toilet seats.

What will you base your buying decision on? Comfort? Looks? Durability? Safety? There are many potty seats that encompass all of these elements - you just have to find some unique toilet seats that suit your family's needs from top to bottom (no pun intended).

unique toilet seats

Unique Toilet Seats Poll:

Which Toilet Seat Color Do Most People Clamor For?

The finish and toilet seat color can go hand in hand. If you buy a wooden toilet seat, you’re not limited to one shade of oak. You can get Mahogany or many other shades of wood – from light to dark.

Here are some of the best-selling colored toilet seat options consumers buy the most:

  • white

  • black

  • blue

  • bone

  • sunlight

  • biscuit

  • almond

  • pink

  • grey

  • green

But oftentimes, the homeowner makes his or her buying decision on what he or she considered to be the top toilet seats based on a more decorative appeal. You can get designer toilet seats now. There are toilet seat tattoos that allow you to easily change the theme, and novelty toilet seats such as toilet seats that showcase:

  • seashells

  • money

  • animal prints like leopard skin

  • tropical fish

  • deer

  • antique fishing lures

  • horses

  • camouflage designs

There’s no end to the number of unique toilet seats you can choose for your home – whether it’s an elegant abode or something quirky that has your personality displayed throughout. Now you just have to decide whether you prefer round or elongated toilet seats.

The color chosen most?


How Plain Jane. How creative can you be when you buy your new toilet seat today? What toilet seat color will you be daring enough to choose?

Bemis Toilet Seat News

Bemis is one of the top toilet seat designer in the world. Fox News reported that Bemis toilet seat manufacturer recently announced a new line of seats that are not only comfortable, but safe and fight germs, too.

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September 15, 2014
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